Bespoke Editions

What is a Bespoke Edition?

Frontline build not only the Factory Editions (currently the LE60) but also Bespoke Editions. The former are the precise personal visions of founder, Tim Fenna, made to fixed specifications in limited numbers. Bespoke Editions on the other hand are all unique and built to the visions of the individuals who commission them. Bespoke Editions may share many elements with Factory Editions, but ultimately they are all about the individual commission.

Case Studies


The Roadster C

The idea was to maintain all the period beauty, even the original engine, but optimise everything: make it the best it could be.

The Roadster V8

It’s needed to have the Rover-Buick V8 in it, like the original Costellos and V8 GT. But it also needed to be able to handle all that power and front-end weight shift.
Pierre Bohanna

The ultimate daily driver

I wasn’t looking for a toy or a collector’s car. I wanted something that I could just use instead of a new BMW