Our Story

Why MGB?

The Pininfarina-styled MGB was the ubiquitous British sportscar. Over half a million were built from 1962-80 and, although designed to a low budget and built to a questionable quality standard, every one of them brought glamour, practicality and joy to its enthusiastic owner.

MGBs were also easy to work on, and even today officially sanctioned original machinery reproduces original body shells. So, the market was strong for a much-improved MGB: for the kind of car the MG engineers originally dreamed of building, before the money men got involved... And Tim Fenna took on the challenge, creating one of the very first 'restomod' classic cars: that is a much improved and thoroughly modernised version of an existing classic car.

While other 'restomod' firms took high quality, exotic cars as the 'basis' vehicles - Porsches, E-type Jaguars, Mercedes - Tim was determined to evolve the MGB into something world beating. It was light, popular, pretty and the basic design was terrific. And there were modern engines from Mazda that suited the vision perfectly...

So, Frontline MGs were to be far more than dressed-up or accessorised 'restomods': they were to rebuilt to ultimate standards, from all aspects of the engineering (drivetrain, suspension, brakes, rigidity) to door shut-lines, panel seams and every detail. Taking a lead from the finest custom and coachbuilding traditions and combining them with cutting-edge race-bred engineering, the result is a Frontline MG: high performance cars like no others in the world.

The Frontline difference

There is probably no other company that takes a 50-60 year old low-cost, mass-produced sports car and turns out into a model the fits perfectly into the modern world. Moreover, a car that is an icon and heirloom - something to treasure forever.

As any classic car owner knows, modern cars are built to far better standards and impressive levels of efficiency and reliability. However, modern cars are also often very boring indeed.

At Frontline, the charisma and appeal of the original MGB is fundamentally imbued into the brilliance of the modernised tech. Moreover, all the rough edges and compromises are painstakingly removed. Even the paintwork is several times as thick, and takes hundreds of hours to perfect. And the interior is more akin to a fine glove than sports car vinyl of old…

Above all, it’s a very personal process. The customer is involved at every stage from conception and commission to creation and refining: it’s a happy and rewarding journey in the making.

Tim Fenna
Frontline was founded by Tim in 1991, with a personal remit to enhance the driving experience of classic MG Cars. Tim followed his father’s footsteps as an engineer and used his inherent skill and interest in motorsport to design and develop new ground-breaking core components for the MGB, Midget and Sprite. Today, almost 150 restorations have been delivered under the Frontline name, with Tim’s upgrades at the heart of each and every commission. His constant pursuit of perfection enables each Frontline car to be better than the last.
Conner Matthews
Sales & Marketing director
Conner started in the auto business as a vehicle detailer. At that time, all the Frontline cars would be detailed by him prior to customer handover. From there came a natural evolution into sales and, after a stint with a local Porsche main dealer, he joined Frontline to head up the sales department. Conner also guides customers through the specification process and keeps the customer updated on the progress of their commission. He runs the Frontline Cherished programme, handles all marketing matters and administers our social media.
Aaron Pickard
Trim Shop Manager
Aaron joined Frontline on a mechanical apprenticeship in 2012 - the launch year of LE50. Soon after, our busy trim shop required assistance which quickly revealed Aaron’s natural talent with all things upholstery. He quickly learnt and honed his skills there and Aaron now proudly manages the trim department. There, with the help of Reece, he crafts Frontline’s exquisite bespoke interiors.
Jamie Butcher
Operations Manager
Jamie has spent his whole career in the automotive industry and, since 2018, has overseen the Frontline production schedule. This vital role ensures customers’ cars are built to schedule and that the team have all components required for each restoration, to specification and on time. A clear-headed organiser, Jamie also manages the Frontline Parts side of the business and warehouse stock.
Ross Broadbent
Workshop Manager
The workshop is managed by Ross, who successfully delivers the LE50, Abingdon Editions and many Bespoke Editions. In addition to looking after the team and apprentices Ross, is regularly tasked with delivering the more exclusive Frontline Bespoke options that have been imagined by customers. Servicing and maintenance of existing Frontline restorations are managed by Ross, who takes great pleasure in ensuring they remain as mechanically sound as the day they were delivered.