Why buy Cherished?

Frontline Cherished is our pre-owned vehicle programme, designed to ensure that any used Frontline car we offer is fully assessed, optimised and authenticated before it is offered for resale. Buying any previously owned car can be a very high risk, especially when the identity of the car is critical to its value. Our Frontline Cherished programme removes all the stress from pre-owned Frontline model purchases.

Frontline has been making and selling upgraded or all-new high-performance parts for over 30 years. Cars fitted with these parts may be more desirable than standard, but their inclusion on an MG does not make that car a Frontline Edition. Frontline Cherished cars are always correctly described and authenticated by us. They are thoroughly assessed and correctly described. A buyer, even if buying a Cherished car unseen, is guaranteed an accurate, transparent and secure transaction.

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